Stay anywhere in the world for free thanks to, with a record of 400,000 house swaps are celebrating their 20 year milestone and want everyone planning a holiday to see what they have to offer. The concept of HomeExchange,com is very simple; you stay in their house and they stay in yours. For more than 2 decades now, have created a community of travellers across the globe and memberships have grown from just a few hundred in 1992 to 45,000 at the end of January 2013, an increase of 43%.

You could swap a big family home in London and stay in a converted church in Amsterdam, or an ocean-view house in San Francisco or an apartment in Manhattan. Take the kids to a beach villa in Marbella, or to run around vicarage gardens with stunning views across the Vale of Belvoir. Surprise your partner and enjoy a romantic Scandinavian experience in Copenhagen… The sky’s the limit and the options are endless. Planning a weekend break or family holiday, quite literally just became a dream in the making. The minute you join, you can stay anywhere in the world – it may just require the airfare, and doesn’t have to cost any more than staying at home., was launched in 1992 by Ed Kushins a former marketing executive who saw a gap in the market for young families to avoid the constraints of hotels on young kids and parents, and saw the real opportunity for access to like-minded people who would offer their homes to enable global exploration for all kinds of interests and world travellistas.

“I truly believe that home exchange is the better way to travel. It’s more economical, more comfortable, more eco friendly and you can live like a local in home comfort. I love being able to share that with people,” says Ed Kushins, Founder and President of

Screenwriter Nancy Meyers was inspired by Ed’s idea and whilst browsing online one evening, she shaped a story from the concept. The romantic movie,“The Holiday” was released in 2006, and Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet lived the adventures of their own home exchange. The movie’s global box office success, was mirrored by that of as Members’ exchanges raced from 10,000 to 43,750 by the end of January 2013. is a trusted provider in this rapidly growing arena. It has evolved into the largest and fastest growing online home exchange travel company in the world. provides its Members with a proven platform for this new “Holiday-Habit” and the ability to travel the world during this current “zigzag” recession.

As celebrates its milestone 20th anniversary, the level of activity on the website itself is proof of its success. There were 1.1 million enquiries in 2012 resulting in 75,000 exchanges. Our Members have currently made over 400,000 home swaps in 152 countries and they look forward to making many more. Members appreciate the HomeExchange experience, the tremendous cost savings, unique travel experiences, and the opportunity to create life-long friendships