Spanish strikes will cause massive travel problems for tourists

Trade unions are planning to strike in Spain, which has meant hundreds of flights between the UK and the country have had to be cancelled. Officials fear that the strike in Spain is going to bring the country to a standstill which is going to make transport in the country incredibly difficult. The foreign office is urging all people who are set to fly to Spain in the next few weeks to check the situation with their airline before they travel.

Over 200 flights have been cancelled by the Spanish airline, Iberia. It is possible for passengers to transfer to another airline or apply for a refund from the company until the 15th of next month. BA has also cancelled a significant number of flights, with close to 70 percent of their flights to Spain being cancelled. The airline has said that they will allow people to travel on replacement flight services until 6 April.

Many domestic flights in Spain have also been cancelled and the budget airline easyJet has also said that it is expecting significant disruption to its flight schedule over the next few days as Spanish workers start to strike. EasyJet said they have cancelled nearly 30 flights including popular routes such as Stansted to Malaga and Gatwick to Madrid. Another popular budget airline, Ryanair, have also cut flights to Spain.

Vueling, the Barcelona-based airline, has also cancelled the majority of its flights running between Barcelona and the UK. They have however said that any passengers who are unable to travel on their scheduled flight, will be able to travel on the next available flight at no charge.

The foreign office has warned travellers that there are likely to be demonstrations in major Spanish cities which are likely to disrupt transport across the country, worsening the situation from the strikes.