Skiing for all

Many families adore being able to take their holidays as a unit, but so often ski resorts are not very child-friendly and the entire experience can be affected for the whole family as a result.

For those who wish to take family skiing holidays in France, there is an alternative since holiday companies have realised that if they include facilities for both children and adults they will be satisfying a general need. Any family wishing to enjoy the pleasures of the popular resorts of Courchevel and La Tania in the popular Three Valleys region of France will be able to do so safe in the knowledge that their children will be catered for. Courchevel is famous for its bars and hectic night time entertainment, as well as the price of some of its bars and eateries. However, the resort has begun to realise that many of those who flock to its wonderful slopes might enjoy themselves considerably more if their children could join them.

The most important things to look out for if you do intend to include the children on your ski holiday are the childcare services and the children’s ski clubs. Prices do vary from company to company, and it’s important to take into account whether the trip will be during term time. There are greater reductions to be found during term time, but if the children are of school age this will not prove to be a popular choice with the teaching staff. Some of the resort crèches and kindergartens will need to be booked in advance as these facilities are becoming increasingly popular.

Some companies will offer a free child’s place in a specially furnished chalet. The age limit varies in this situation so it’s worth checking in advance, but do ensure that cots and high chairs are provided. The childcare services will also vary but a reputable company will always guarantee that the nanny has been CRB checked so that the parents can go off for a day of skiing confident that their children are being taken care of by professionals.

Another factor worth investigating is the issue of kit hire. Skiing gear can prove immensely costly, so it’s far better to check out the hire prices rather than investing in some really expensive boots and skis that your little darling will never use again. If your travel company has a children’s ski club they may be able to offer some competitive prices for all ski essentials. Even those with very young babies will be able to find a holiday company that will be able to look after their child, so that the new mother can really go off and enjoy all the pleasures of the piste!

The Three Valleys ski resort is one of the largest in France and has always been famous for its many attractions for adults, the snow lasts from early December to April and these conditions present the family with a wide window of opportunity for their holiday. At least now the whole family can enjoy a break rather than just the grownups.