Ski Package Deals to Norway – A Quick Guide

There are many reasons why people book ski package deals to Norway. The fact it has such vast amounts of snowfall is one very good reason; another is that generally speaking, the resorts are family-friendly.

Norway has the advantage of being located in the North of Europe, so it’s usually the case that the snow here lasts longer than many of the resorts in countries further south.

Whether you’re an absolute novice, or an experienced skier, Norway’s top resorts will provide good quality skiing in stunning natural surroundings.

Listed below are four of the main Norwegian ski holiday destinations.


With 16 easy runs, Geilo is ideal for skiing families and beginners. The resort has a long history stretching back over 120 years, and is well known as a friendly and scenic place to go skiing.

Snowboarders are also well looked after at Geilo, and with 20 lifts, the queues to get to the top are never too long.

As you’d expect from a ski resort that welcomes families, there is a wide selection of different restaurants and cafes to suit all tastes and budgets.


Hemsedal is considered by many to be the best ski resort in Norway. It’s certainly the biggest, and you’ll never be stuck for things to do when you’re not skiing.

The range of slopes available caters for all grades of skier from first-timers, to intermediate and the very experienced.

Hemsedal has four main pistes, ranging from 1,370 metres to 1,629 metres. Similar to Geilo, it’s gaining a great reputation for top-notch snowboarding.

Lillehammer Hafjell

If you want to test yourself on the slopes used in the 1994 Winter Olympics, Hafjell is the place to go.

The resort is good for beginners too and has 13 easy runs. Lillehammer Hafjell is also a great destination if you’re looking to learn how to ski. With great snow and experienced instructors, you’ll be in safe and expert hands.

The season is Lillehammer Hafjell usually runs for six months from November onwards, so there is plenty of opportunity to book ski package deals for you and your family.


Voss is the least well known of the four Norwegian ski resorts described in this article. While skiing packages here are available from the UK, it also attracts cross-country skiers from all over Europe.

With group and private ski schools, Voss is a good place to learn away from the most popular resorts in places like France and Switzerland which can get very crowded during the peak winter months.
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