Ski industry looking a lot healthier than a couple of years ago

The ski industry is facing a positive outlook, something that has not been witnessed in the past few years. Stakeholders in the industry including tour operators admit the seemingly improving business since last winter when numerous skiers resumed skiing.

This improvement has mainly been attributed to positive economic growth coupled with high levels of snow in the Alps, which have literally overturned the four-year downward trend in the number of skiers. Crystal Ski, a leading winter sports tour operator has noted that the skiing industry is experiencing what is termed to as “return to growth”.

According to Crystal Ski’s Managing director, there has been an increase in the number of Brits skiing since last winter. The number has risen by 5000 to 899,700 skiers and snowboarders, which represents 1% annual increase.

The Sochi Winter Olympics to be held in from 7th-23rd February in Russia is also something that ice sports personalities would not want to miss. More people are therefore likely to keep preparing for the event.

Ice levels last winter were considerably low, which is something historic- I just hope the current low temperatures continue, as this will ensure regular snowstorms. If this happens, people will definitely derive numerous benefits.

People will have a chance to see the ruins of a village that is hundreds of years old. The village is a depiction of rural life 900 years ago and is simply a one of a kind monumental facility that has darkened-wood granaries that were built using supporting structures on a steep slope. You cannot even believe the structure of this facility unless you visit it.

A modern transportation system, which includes a cable car, has since been introduced to the village to make movement easy between Grimentz and the top of Zinal Ski area.. Additionally, modern accommodation facilities have also been provided for tourists.

This has however attracted worry from locals who think that Grimentz and neighboring villages within Val d’Anniviers area would attract too many people, something, which was not common before.