Shopping in New York

New York has always been a hot shopping destination for tourists all over there world, not only because of the wealth of luxury and discounted fashion, but also for the exchange rate of the dollar. Just like London, Paris or Milan, New York is home to some of the world’s greatest fashion brands, and although you might not have the budget to shop until you drop, there are still plenty of places to grab some great bargains. If you’re visiting the big apple this Christmas, but are not sure where to turn to for those pair of heels you’ve always wanted, here’s a quick guide to the city’s best places to shop.
We’ll get the big budgets out the way before we move on to the more value-friendly stores in New York, and there’s no doubt that Bloomingdales is one of the most luxurious of them all. Not only will be able to shop until you drop here, but the level of service you receive depends on how much you’re willing to spend – you can even pay for your own personal shopper! From Gucci and Armani to many of the world’s biggest and best labels, you’ll need a stiff drink once you’ve worked your way through Bloomingdales!
Barney’s New York
This store is a little less scary if you haven’t got a wad of cash or a black credit card, and their Christmas sales are known all over the city. Barney’s is more office attire and formal wear, however if you’re great at mixing and matching, then you should have any problems here. The staff are extra friendly and will always do their best to find any sizes not out on the shop floor. Furthermore, you can even book special event days in certain parts of the store, where you and your friends will be pampered with the most luxurious labels from all over the world.
Century 21
Century 21 is for two types of shoppers: Those who are looking for a cheap, last minute dress to a party, and those who are spend-thrifty. Although not as glamorous as Barney’s New York or Bloomingdales, there’s plenty of choice here, and actually Century 21 is great for fashion accessories at rock bottom prices. Instead of spending a small fortune on a scarf or pair of gloves in one of the luxury fashion outlets, raid the lines at Century 21 for some amazing bargains! Save yourself a small fortune on airfares this Christmas, and look for flights to New York on this site.
Grand Central Terminal
For those on the move, or waiting around to catch their train to another part of America, Grand Central Terminal is a great place to pick up any last minute gifts. From cheesecake to cookies, and many other confectionaries, there’s no need to head deep into New York to satisfy your sweet tooth – you can get all the goodies you need at Grand Central Terminal! Although prices may be a little more expensive compared to other parts of the city, you’re paying for the convenience more than anything.