Shop around for airport transfers

More and more of us are choosing to build our own holidays; booking flights, accommodation and transfers separately. Almost every accommodation site has a link somewhere to a transfer site, but to get the best deal you really need to shop around. When a transfer is included in a package holiday it will be a bus, and it is no different just because it is run by a holiday company.

You can get a coach transfer for just a few pounds and save yourself quite a bit of money but you should take the transfer times with a pinch of salt. In Turkey, for example, the 90 minute transfer from Dalaman to Icmeler can easily stretch to 2 hours as the driver will invariably stop at a little roadside cafe owned by a friend or a brother where extortionate prices will be charged for food and drinks, so always allow longer for your journey.

If you are going to a small island, such as Rhodes, shuttle buses are few and far between, with taxis being the vehicle of choice. One again, check out the different sites to get the best deal. If you leave it to chance and wait until you arrive, agree a price before you get in the taxi, otherwise you are leaving yourself wide open to being ripped off.