San Gimignano Tuscany

One of the most fascinating symbols of medieval life that still exists in Tuscany is San Gimignano. The wonderful medieval towers have proved an irresistible lure to millions of tourists over the years, and it adds to the charm that you have to leave your car outside of the village and walk in.

This village of ancient Etruscan origin stands on one of the famous Francigena road pillars, and by crossing the San Francesco bastion and going over the Porta San Giovanni, the gentle slopes and inclines will bring you into the triangular home of the local markets and the festival; Cisterna square.

From here there is an outstanding vista of most of the village, taking in the Palazzo Pellaro tower, the Palazzo Tortoli, the Ardinghelli twin towers and the smattering of San Gimignano villas that still exist. This is surrounded by small lanes were you can visit little stores selling food, wines and ceramics, souvenirs and antiques, thereĀ  is also an estate agency there where you can find some great villa rental within Tuscany.

These are all housed in ancient buildings and these all still feature fascinating features of the medieval age, and these make the shops even more charming to shop in.