Samoa Air to charge passengers according to their weight

Samoa Air is the first airline company that will bill and charge their passengers according to their body weight. In order for passengers to reserve a flight, they must present their weight and luggage to compute the airfare fees. Samoa Air has supported the concept of paying only what their weigh and stated that passengers are even more delighted by inexpensive tickets for their kids.

According to the company’s online portal, “Making a reservation with us is as uncomplicated and effortless as entering your estimated weight into our online reservation software (do not be concerned because we will still weigh you when you arrive at the airport).

Then you can make payments online based on the calculated cost, while ensuring that enough weight is allotted for you on your flight. You will be your own king or queen of what your airfare fees will be.” The Chief Executive Officer of Samoa Air, Mr. Chris Langton, stated that “charging passengers according to weight was the most reasonable scheme.”

When he was interviewed by ABC news, he said, “Airlines do not operate on seats because they operate on weight and the more undersized a plane is, the lesser the variation is that can be accepted in terms of the difference in weight between airline passengers. And airline passengers have always toured and travelled base on their airline seats for the longest time.”

He even added, “There is no hesitation in my wits that this is the theory of the upcoming years because any person who travels travelling and feeling like they have been spending for nearly half of the airfare fees of the passenger beside them. People, nowadays, are generally larger and taller or even wider than they are half a century ago.”