Salem, the ultimate destination for all Halloween fans

When it comes to Halloween, the top place to celebrate the holiday is without a doubt Salem, Massachusetts in the United States,  given the fact that this New England city is full of ghosts, haunted treks, and just about everything else that embodies Halloween. As the popularity of Halloween increases every by year, it is catching up to Christmas as the most popular holiday.  Serious Halloween fans make it a point to travel to the Witch City (Salem) every October.

Salem is unlike any other city due to the fact that it sports the harbour, supernatural attractions, and dozens of historical witchcraft sites that make the city very unique.  All of these facts also make it a great place to celebrate with fellow Halloween spirits.  Of course, if you are attempting to visit during October, you may have a problem since the area gets quite busy and finding a hotel can be a bit difficult.  Therefore, you might want to research a bit before rushing off to Salem because there may not be a hotel room available for if you haven’t booked it in advance.

If it is already October then it is highly unlikely that you are going to find a room in Salem and almost all of the rooms in the Salem Waterfront and Hawthorne hotels will be gone.  They actually book up almost a year in advance, so be prepared to stay a bit further away from the centre of the town.  However, there are plenty of B&Bs in and inns in the town so if drive a bit you should have no problem finding accommodation just a bit of a drive away.