Ryanair join the ranks of pop up shops in Manchester

Until recently, it was the case that pop-up shops tend to be reserved for various exclusive fashion brands, and also restaurants. However, an interesting company has recently joined the ranks of these temporary pop-up shops, with Ryanair installing a temporary flight Centre in Manchester.

This is a particularly interesting move, as Ryanair is not typically associated with the high prices that other pop-up shops tend to have. In fact, Ryanair is known for being located at the other end of the market, and offering very cheap flights.

As well as having the ability to book flights at the centre, there is also the opportunity to win a dream holiday, with the European destinations being flown to by the company being the destinations for this dream holiday. Some destinations include Oslo, Dublin, and Budapest.

Another promotion that is occurring at the pop-up shop, is the fact the Ryanair will give customers twice the amount of money back if they find a cheaper flight leaving from Manchester than the one being offered by Ryanair.