Romantic destinations for a couple’s holiday that won’t break the bank

For many people, trying to plan a holiday can be a stressful experience, especially when money is tight. Romantic destinations can be over-priced and over-crowded, which can detract away from the happy aim of a romantic couple’s holiday. Below are five suggestions of places to visit which make great romantic destinations, without breaking the bank.


Despite being Belgium’s most popular destination, Bruges is still a beautiful and affordable place to visit. It is a medieval city full of picturesque market squares, pretty canals and old whitewashed houses.

It has a fairy-tale quality to it with its cobbled streets, and is particularly beautiful at night, when the crowds of day-trippers are gone, and the twinkling lights are reflected in the romantic waters of the canals. Visit in spring to see the daffodils carpeting the walled community of begijnhof, or in winter when the town is much emptier and you can skate on the canals.


Bavaria is the largest state in Germany and is full of amazing natural scenery: Alpine peaks, rugged forests and gushing streams. One of the most memorable things to do is to travel the Romantic Road. The scenic route leads from the Franconia Wine Country to the foothills of the Alps. Stop off in the picturesque towns to explore hidden monasteries and enchanting towers.

The trailing route of walled towns and ancient watchtowers ends in a spectacular castle: the Neuschwanstein. Make sure to spend time at Munich, the real heart of Bavaria, with its relaxed atmosphere, legendary beer and wealth of art and culture.


Slovenia is a great romantic destination if you are travelling on a budget. Ljubljana is a tiny place that sports a dazzling hilltop castle and the sparkling green Ljubljanica River at its feet. The town is full of culture, sights and activities, and its small size means everything is easily accessible, either on foot or by bike.

With a name roughly translating to ‘beloved’ in Slovene, it has a charming laid-back atmosphere, with street musicians collecting in the narrow streets and on the little bridges spanning the river. The best time to visit is autumn when the holiday-makers are replaced by local students, giving the city a more authentic vibe.


Budapest, nicknamed ‘the Paris of the East’, makes a great alternative to the pricy, overcrowded French destination. It is steeped in history, art and natural beauty: ranging from the Statue Park, which houses the statues of fallen Communist leaders, to the 300-foot dome of St Stephen’s Basilica.

A great way to spend a relaxing afternoon together is to head to one of Budapest’s thermal baths. Housed in beautiful buildings and filled with a variety of baths of different temperatures, it is a great way to unwind after wearing yourself out sightseeing.

A great way to save on holiday costs is to explore one of the many romantic sites that the UK has to offer. Edinburgh, with its inspiring panoramas, has to feature at the top of the list. Take a wander up around Arthur’s Seat for a bird’s eye view of the city or explore the battlements of Edinburgh castle and hike along its surrounding hills.

Remember to wrap up warm while traversing the cobbled streets, and if you get caught in the rain then head to one of the city’s signature cosy basement pubs. If you want to see the city at its liveliest then visit in time for the Edinburgh festival and sample some of the fantastic, amusing and bizarre acts that are bound to be on show.

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