Queenstown New Zealand tourism

One of the most famous holiday destinations in New Zealand is easily Queenstown given the fact that the small resort rural town offers the scenic views of Lake Wakatipu.  With mountains as a backdrop to the entire excursion, the small village has grown up quite a bit since development began in the 18000s and today the city is charming with plenty to do and plenty of accommodation for all budgets making it a great location for anyone considering New Zealand to consider staying within.

Of course, one of the most well known aspects of Queenstown is its great ski resort that beckons skiers from all over the world on an annual basis.  The Queenstown lodge conveniently offers access to some of the best ski slopes in the town and the staff is jovial and well trained making it easy to plan a family holiday without any problems.  Ski slopes are also abundant allowing for beginners, intermediate, and expert skiers to all find plenty to do while in Queenstown.  In fact, the best spots outside of those by the lodge are just a short drive away from the main city centre and there is shuttle service for those that need transport out to the slopes.

Some of the Queenstown activities will strain the wallet a bit if you overindulge, but for those sticking to strict budget will find that there are plenty of lodges that are great for saving a pound or two.    For instance, accommodation Wanaka offers many services for holiday goers of all budget levels as they offer rooms, houses, and lodges for let during the holiday season allowing guests to choose what will fit best into their budget.  They also have plenty of options when it comes to catering or self-catering depending on your plans and budget.

Wanaka itself is about an hour away from Queenstown and is a quant town that offers plenty of activities for those who like to be outdoors.  Outside of skiing, it is very close to the Mount Aspiring National Park which offers some great scenic sights as well as some wonderful trekking trails.  In addition, guides can be hired for treks across the park whereas those with trekking experience are willing to hike at any point during the day or spend the entire day out at the park exploring if they wish.

Those seeking Queenstown accommodation will find that usually it is best to use an agent to help sort through the many different options.  Visitors can choose to rent rooms, houses, apartments, or even stay in motels that line the area which also cater to many different budgets.  Other activities that are available in the town outside of skiing include trekking, boating rides, bungee jumping, and white water rafting allowing for those with a thirst for adventure to keep busy both on and off the slopes while on holiday in New Zealand’s popular tourist gem.