Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific coast of Mexico

Just three decades ago, if you were to visit Mexico on its Pacific coast, you would find a fairly barren area with a few fishing villages and small towns. The needs of the local people were fairly simple and there were only a few businesses meeting these needs.

Today however, Puerto Vallarta is a major tourist destination and the area has been developed at a fast pace to meet the demands of any tourist. There is a harbour that is around 4 miles wide in the town, which is located on a beautiful bay. There are many water activities that tourists can enjoy taking part in while they are visiting this beautiful part of Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta has been a popular destination for fishing long before it became a tourist hotspot. The waters in the Bay are deep and warm and there are large underwater structures with many fish and there is a great variety of species. Today, many of the holidays that are made to the area are based almost entirely around fishing. Keen fishermen will be able to find Alin, Sheena, and sailfish easily in the area and any fishing trip will be one of great success.

Diving and swimming in the waters is also an excellent experience and is one of the true highlights are visiting this part of Mexico. There are snorkelling and diving centres all along the beaches and you will easily find one that will suit your budget and requirements.

Los Arcos is a famous Green Park in the area and consists of a beautiful series of islands. These attract a great deal of Marine life which can make diving in the area an unforgettable experience.

True to its roots, this part of Mexico remains very simple and citizens who live outside of the tourist hotspots have a casual way of life. There are numerous villages surrounding Puerto Vallarta which you will find welcoming and provide a great place to get away from the tourist crowds.

Sayulita is a small fishing village just north of Puerto Vallarta and when it is not the tourist season remains very quiet. Even during the high season this small village sees few tourists and coming to this region for a holiday will prove to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Accommodation options in the village have greatly improved in recent years and there are several locally run restaurants and cafes providing fabulous food.

Other great locations for a day trip from Puerto Vallarta include Yelapa, which truly provides a glimpse into the past. Electricity to the area is not constant and not everyone has a telephone. In the evening most areas are lit by candles and some of the larger establishments have generators.