Playa Levante is the premier tourist beach in Benidorm

Playa Levante is a much more popular beach with people from northern Europe and this is where most of the restaurants and bars can be found. The other beach in the area, Playa Poniente, tends to attract Spanish people with their families and it has a much more subdued atmosphere which means it is not so popular with visitors coming from abroad.

Fortunately, Playa Levante is not what most visitors are expecting and it is not a location with many tacky restaurants and bars, but actually somewhere where you will find good Spanish restaurants which enjoy great views of the ocean.

Walking along the beach is a particularly good option for visitors and there is a delightful promenade with no traffic which makes this walk very easy. The entire promenade is wheelchair accessible so can be a good choice for people with disabilities.

When you first come onto the beach there are mostly bars over the first stretch but these end shortly and the hotels and apartment buildings start. There are also several cafes further down the beach where you can enjoy a non-alcoholic drink. There are a few locations on the beach which are owned by Northern Europeans, but most of them are owned by Spanish people.

As for the beach itself, it is a wonderful place with golden sand and perfectly clear waters. There are beach cleaners employed by the local council which keeps the beach wonderfully clean by picking up all of the litter that people drop during the day.

The beach is very clean because of this and you won’t find cigarette butts or trash when you come to the beach in the morning. The sand is also ploughed every night so that when visitors wake up it is in pristine condition.

All of this means that this beach is one of the cleanest in the whole of Europe. It has recently been honoured by being given the EU blue flag which indicates that it is one of the cleanest beaches in the entire European Union. This award also recognises the quality of the seawater and the general beach management.

Along the whole length of the beach there are sunbeds which can be rented and also many novelties which will appeal to tourists, such as sand sculptures being made. One of the most incredible sand sculptures is that of Jesus at the Last Supper and it is a really inspiring piece of artwork.