Plane under investigation after landing at wrong airport

The Southern Airlines flight that landed in the wrong airport on its flight from Chicago is being investigated after landing at an airport 7 miles away from its intended destination. Flight 4013 was carrying five crew members and 124 passengers flying from Midway International Airport, Chicago to Missouri’s Branson Airport.

However, the plane (Boeing 737-700) instead landed at the Taney County Airport, which has a runway that is half the required size. There are no official reports relating to the reason for the wrong landing though the FAA’s spokesman (Tony Molinaro) disclosed that an investigation is underway.

Brad Hawkins who is the airline spokesman noted that it was an unfortunate but safe landing since all the passengers and crew were safe. Crew from Branson Airport arrived immediately at the Taney County Airport to take care of passengers and their luggage. Flight 4013 was already scheduled to fly to Love Field in Dallas from Branson. The airline had to fly another aircraft into Branson to replace Flight 4013 at 10pm Sunday.

Taney County Airport, which is also called M. Graham Clark Airport is barely 3,738ft while Branson Airport boasts of a 7,140ft long runway. The plane can still take off from Taney County airport according to airline. It is expected to fly out on Monday morning. It is the second time a plane has landed in the wrong airport in two months. The Boeing 747 Dreamlifter landed in Colonel James Jabara Airport, nine miles from its intended destination at McConnell Air Force Base to deliver parts.