Places to go on holiday while they are still cheap

There are many of us who lament the days a decade ago or so when travel agent’s windows were littered with cut price holidays that were affordable by all. Sadly, due to fuel costs, an increase in the price of accommodation and airline charging for everything from choosing a seat to using the loo, holidays have shot up in price to an extent that they are no longer viable for many.

There is, however, a light at the end of the tunnel as there are three destinations within Europe that offer great priced holidays that shouldn’t break anyone’s bank.

The Ukraine may not be a holiday destination that instantly springs to mind but there is much to be enjoyed in this country that offers a rich culture at a low price. It has yet to be discovered by mass tourism and the UNESCO world heritage sites can be explored without huge crowds. Meals and drinks are cheap, the locals are friendly, and it harks back to a time of travel many thought had gone forever.

Turkey is a long time favourite but many are being put off by the price of the flight. Look past this at the bigger picture; hotels are ridiculously cheap as is eating out, and the exchange rate makes your holiday pound go a lot further. Take your sterling with you or withdraw it from the ATM’s in resort to enjoy an even better exchange rate as virtually every shop, bar, restaurant and hotel is also an commission free money exchange.

Croatia is at something of a crossroads as from July it will be a member of the EU, a move they are making to boost the country’s tourism infrastructure. It isn’t adopting the euro immediately however, and will be offer dual currency for a while, meaning bargains can still be had by those dealing in the Croatian Kuna.