Oil leaks leave popular Thai tourist resort in tatters

Crude oil streaks are ruining a Thailand tourist island beach even though there are attempts underway to attempt to clean up the spill and oil that has been left behind by a pipeline that leaked. Tourists have been told to steer clear of the eastern sea waves that are now noticeably black around Samet Island.

Hundreds of workers are out on the previously white beaches of Samet Island attempting to remove the oil from the sea and scrape off the inky residue that now marks the sand. Oil streaks spread out as far as 300 metres away from the shore of the Prao Bay. Prior to the spill the Bay was easily one of the most popular beach destinations for foreigners that are traveling in the Gulf of Thailand.

Rayong Deputy Governor Supeepat Chongpanish stated that the bay has been closed so that 300 workers can try to get as much oil out of the water and beach as they can. Right now he explained that the top priority is to clean the seawater and the oil and to stop the spill from getting into other shorelines and beaches. He added that because of how beautiful and scenic the beach is they hope to get the spill contained and cleaned as soon as possible.

Saturday morning about 50 tons of oil was spilled into the sea as the result of a leak that stemmed from a PTT Global Chemical Plc pipeline. This is the fourth major oil spill to occur in Thailand according to Pongsak Raktapongpaisal, the Energy Minister.

For the time being the area has been declared a disaster zone and anyone that has been directly affected by the oil spill has been offered assistance.