Norway as a summer destination

If you’re looking for a great holiday spot in the summer then you should consider Norway, specifically the southern part of the country. In the summer is very warm and is the perfect temperature for outdoor activities. On the coast there is the opportunity to go boating and if you head inland then you are going to find numerous villages to explore.

One of the most popular places to visit in South Norway is Telemark County. This is a place with many craftsmen and is also known for its skiing. If you are looking for a place to ski then you can head to Morgedal where you will find the Norwegian Ski Adventure Park.

If you travel to the east of the country you will find a modern place with a lot of history. If you are considering some UK tourism then there are plenty of forests to explore, and there are many environmentally friendly accommodation options within. Oslo, the capital city of Norway, is also found in the East and is well worth a visit. The air in the city is amazingly pure and this has been described as the greenest city in Europe. If you are visiting Oslo in the winter then there are lots of opportunities for skiing and iceskating, if you visit in the summer you can take a boat trip which is equally enjoyable.

In the centre of Norway you will find the County of Trondelag which is one of Norway’s most historical regions. You will also find this place has a great many mountains and woods, and the region is famous for its salmon which is caught from the many rivers.

In West Norway you find more unusual nature as there are many fjords which many visitors find incredibly beautiful. If you head right to the north of Norway you will find a very harsh climate as it is very close to the Arctic Circle. In the summer months, the sun never sets which can be very interesting, but between November and January, the sun never rises and there is endless night. This has the advantage that you can see the Northern lights which is a completely unique experience.

Norway is an incredibly diverse country and has an amazing amount of nature and history. The lakes and fjords are incredible and you will likely be overwhelmed by their beauty. If you are seeking a more adventurous holiday then there is plenty of opportunity for trekking and climbing in the summer months and as winter approaches there is a lot of opportunity for skiing. If you want to experience raw nature then you can head to the north of Norway but be prepared for some seriously cold weather, if you’re feeling particularly brave and enjoy diving then some of the waters around the north of the country are crystal clear and wonderful to explore.