New website Wait A Moment helping tourists beat queues at busiest world’s attractions

A new website, ‘Wait a Moment’, which aims to reduce customer waiting times across a wide range of services, has enriched its offering with queue time estimations and tips for some of the top global tourist destinations.

By highlighting peak waiting times the website aims to empower people with actionable data to make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary queueing.

Queues, especially during a short getaway, are frustrating and time consuming, using up time that visitors would otherwise spend on other holiday activities.

Use ‘Wait a Moment’ to identify off-peak queueing times around the globe

The website contains a host of time-saving data, including new visitor-flow timetables for busy tourism destinations from the Capitoline Museums in Rome to the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia.

Peak hours timetable for visiting the Vatican City the week of November 27 to December 3: ex. by favouring Friday 28th at 12pm to Saturday at 10am, visitors could have saved up to 2 hours waiting time.

According to Wait a Moments’ statistics, a three hour queue is commonplace for popular tourist destinations during high season. By informing oneself beforehand of expected wait times, visitors can significantly reduce time lost with queueing.

As well as visitor-flow timetables, Wait a Moment also provides useful tips and practical information on a range of tourist sites.

Major European cities: queues hinder access to culture          

In major European cities, access to culture is hampered by waiting times that are increasingly disproportionate. In the UK, VisitEngland indicates that visitor numbers at museums and art galleries in London broke records with an increase of 8% this year while across the Channel, Paris Musées noted an increase of 27% in visits to its venues from 2012 to 2013, in the French capital. The growing enthusiasm for major European cultural sites means ever-longer waiting lines. It is in this context that Wait a Moment developed its unique solution, offering a practical alternative to those endless queues.

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