Namibia, Africa, but more

One of the most magnificent holiday destinations that you could imagine is in Africa, specifically Namibia. Whatever it is that you seek, you’ll find it in Namibia. If you want to see some of the largest and fiercest animals roaming their homeland, you’ll find it close to Etosha Pan, translated as ‘lake of mother’s tears’, where massive herds travel in search of waterholes.

Or the Namib Desert, home to rhinos and lions, giraffes and elephants. For less frightening animals, you could go to the Ruacana where there is an abundance of birds in all their splendour. Also across Namibia, the Damara Dik-Dik travel freely. The Dik-Dik is a very cute species of antelope native to southern Africa.

Yet more animals can be found by Skeleton Coast, named in monument to past nautical disasters, where hyenas and desert elephants roam across the landscape where little else is able to survive.

If seeing wild animals in their natural habitat is not enough of an adventure for you, then there is also white water rafting and sand boarding available, or perhaps some sightseeing by hot air balloon would tempt you, or crossing the desert on the Desert Express Train.

Perhaps it is curiosities that would interest you, an in Damaraland there is a petrified forest that is hundreds of thousands of years old. Endemic trees such as the Welwitschia Mirabilis, which grows for thousands of years and the bulk of which is underground, or the distinguished Kokerboom, perfectly adapted to life in the desert.

As well as the natural wonders available, there are human based attractions as well. There are many fascinating towns where the traditional African cultures have been mixed with the traditions and the architecture of arriving visitors. If you want to get away from the relative hustle and bustle, then travel out away from the towns to look at the cattle ranches and the mission stations, or find an oasis out in the desert.

There are many national parks in Namibia, including the Namib-Naukluft Park, which at almost 50,000 square kilometres, is the fourth biggest on the planet. If you want a beautiful photograph, then this could be the place to find it. There are a variety of different landscapes, with different plants and wildlife to accompany them.

In the Central Region is the capital of Namibia, a city called Windhoek. Thanks to the international airport, Windhoek is a likely place for your tour to begin and end, and it is a convenient spot from which to commence your travels in and around the area.

There are a variety of tours available from Welcome Tourism Services. If you want to do your own thing, then a self-drive tour may be the best option. For those who want to be shown around to ensure you miss nothing, then there are escorted tours. Whatever you’re interested in, there is the package available for you. Whether you are travelling alone or in a group, everything is catered for.