Moscow is the perfect short break destination

Moscow is the capital of Russia and is situated on the Moskva River, from which it takes its name.

A world renowned centre of economy, religion, transport and culture, this wealthy wealthy city is home to numerous billionaires and is also home to the national parliament. There are many World Heritage Sites located here and it is also a highly popular tourist destination.

If you take a trip to Moscow for a short break there are several main tourist attractions that you should make sure you take the time to visit. The first one is the main place that everyone associates with Moscow; Red Square. With its many historical buildings this square sits in the very centre of the city and the city’s life has revolved around it for over 600 years.

This most important of tourist attractions is entered through the famous Resurrection Gate. The first thing you will notice is one of the worlds most iconic structure; St Basil’s Cathedral. This fantastic Russian opus was constructed in the 16th century and completely renovated in 2004. The most famous religious building in the whole of Russia will amaze everyone with the stunning orthodox beauty and style of its architecture.

Right in front of St Basil’s is the famous Lobnoye Mesto, the site that was historically used for reading important announcements from the Tsars, and also where executions were held. Along the east side of Red Square is the enormous GUM State Department store, which is the best known shopping arcade in Moscow. This elegant centre with its numerous modern shops in a manifestation of the new face of this erstwhile communist country.

Another well visited attraction is the famous Lenin Mausoleum with its glass tomb. Another must see sight in Red Square is the Kremlin, the centre of the Russian government. The vast area that the Kremlin covers boasts many cathedrals and well known landmarks. Two of those with most historical importance are the Cathedrals of Assumption and Annunciation as these were both churches of the Tsars.

The Ivan the Great Bell Tower dating from the 16th century is another famous attraction. The State Armoury is Russia’s oldest museum and has an outstanding collection of such regal treasures as the crown jewels and many other artifacts. Two other popular attractions within the confines of the Kremlin are the Tsar Cannon and the Tsar Bell. The cannon has never been discharged and the giant bell weighs over 200 tons.

One of the worlds most famous theatres, the Bolshoi Theatre, is also in Moscow and if you have a chance go to one of the many performance held in this magnificent 2000 seater , 5 storey auditorium with its outstanding decoration. Considered to be the pride of Moscow, try and catch an opera or a dance performance by the unique and technically dazzling Bolshoi Ballet.

A trip to a city such as Moscow which has so much to see and do needs to be planned in advance so your itinerary encompasses everything you want to see. The good news is that if you find you can’t fit it all in in one visit, it gives you a great excuse to return.