Marmaris a hidden treasure in Turkey

A leisurely flight from the UK lasting for around 4 hours brings you to the dazzling Dalaman coast in Turkey.  Travel for a further hour or so and you will arrive in a resort that truly is one of the jewels of the Mediterranean, Marmaris. This sprawling town nestles at the foot of pine covered mountains and has one of the most envied views out over the crystal clear Med to the outlying islands.

Whether you are planning your first trip to Marmaris, or one of the many old faithful’s who return year after year, you will never be short of idea on what to do on your holiday, as the daytime vibrancy of Marmaris carries on through the night and the atmosphere electric. British holidaymakers have flocked here for years, and continue to do so despite the economic downtown which has seen many previous tourist hotspots in real trouble.

There are many theories as to why Turkey, and Marmaris in particular, has managed to stay ahead of the game and still attract visitors in their millions. One canny marketing ploy was that when the price of fuel rocketed and the price of flights shot up, the Turks dropped the price of their accommodations to try and balance it out somewhat. This has clearly been a massive success judging by the volume of tourists still flocking into Turkey.

The famous Turkish hospitality is another big plus, yes they can get over-enthusiastic, yes they can come across as pushy, but that is their way and they genuinely mean no harm. They have a bad reputation for trying to drag prospective customers into restaurants, but this has been greatly exaggerated. Yes they will approach you vocally, but there are literally hundreds of restaurants in Marmaris, and competition is fierce.

The seemingly never ending promenade which stretches for miles is one of the most stunning in Europe. As you walk down it, you have on one side many bars, restaurants and hotels, with each property having its own section of beach which is on the other side of you.  These all offer free sunbeds if you honour them with your custom and will serve you food and drinks on the beach at no extra charge.

International and Turkish cuisine is available at every restaurant and the prices you pay for what you get simply beggar belief. The prices have gone up since the old Turkish Lira became obsolete but it is still the cheapest holiday destination on the Med. Marmaris has something for everyone, and nobody could be disappointed with a holiday here. Whether you frequent bar street, take one of the many boat trips available or simply chillax by the pool, take your next holiday in Marmaris and create memories that last a life time.