Marbella voted to be the most fashionable place in Spain

Marbella, one of Spain’s holiday hotspots is home for a number of Brits and had been voted, by Oak Power Communications who has analysed worldwide media attitudes towards Spain, the most fashionable place in Spain.

Andalucia, per the study, enjoys the best overall image of Spain and is rated 7.9 out of a possible 10 leading Madrid (7.3) and Barcelona (7.1). Marbella, in Andalucia scored very well as it was voted Spain’s third most fashionable and trendy city as well as being home to the country’s best beaches.

This undeniable appeal that Marbella possesses is why such a large proportion of Brits looking to purchase property in Spain are hunting for houses in the region of Marbella. Sales and Marketing director, Ignacio Osle of Taylor Wimpey de Espana, a property developer in Spain said he is not at all surprised that Marbella was voted the most fashionable city and beach resort in Spain.

He commented that Marbella, without a doubt was the place to be pointing out they hosted the exclusive and highly anticipated event Nikki Beach Grand opening White party last May that attracted from all over Europe thousands of beautiful people and just last week the Marbella Luxury Weekend that gave luxury brands the chance to showcase their products that included a $10 million violin.