Making Your Way Round Europe

Europe is a continent that offers a diverse range of opportunities. With so many countries crammed into such a small space, it should come as no great surprise to learn that the possibilities appear to be endless.

If you feel that there are many parts of the continent that you have not yet seen, then the perfect answer could be for you to do a tour of Europe. Although you may not have enough time available to visit all of the major cities that interest you, such a trip will at least give you an introduction to what’s available to you.

In essence, you’ll be carrying out a little reconnaissance mission here. There’s a chance for you to identify great places, allowing you to then draw up a list of highlights. You’ll be able to return in the future and spend more time in cities and locations that you find to be particularly interesting.

This may, of course, sound like a fairly expensive holiday plan. It’s certainly true to say that the costs can soon add up. You might like to make use of guest houses or hostels along the way, rather than relying on hotels. As an alternative, you might also be able to buy some basic camping supplies from Blue Sky Camping online and then seek campsites along the way.

Your approach to accommodation will actually define the trip to a certain extent. It may, for example, have an influence on the transport options that you take. Most countries in Europe have a surprisingly good rail network and it’s possible to easily travel between countries. Indeed, overnight trains can ensure that you get a good night’s sleep, save money on accommodation costs and also wake up to find yourself in a new city.

But trains aren’t right for all. You may prefer to travel by bus, for example, which does tend to work out rather cheaper. The only thing to remember here is that travelling in this way will often be slow and some would suggest that it’s simply not as comfortable. To a large extent, it can be said that comfort levels will depend upon the type of bus service that you use.

Driving is another option that’s available to you. My own feeling here is that you have to be pretty brave to face a drive through Paris, Rome or London. I wouldn’t wish, however, to put you off doing so. It’s also true that driving can give you particularly good access to more remote, rural areas of Europe.

Even a trip through the beautiful scenery of Tuscany is made that bit easier if you have your own transport available to you.

Think about your options and try to plan a suitable itinerary before leaving home. By doing so, you should be able to visit some of the great cities and regions of Europe.

Author Bio

Keith Barrett writes on a wide range of subjects, including travel and transport. He has travelled within Europe by car, train, bus and plane. He believes that all modes of transport have something to offer.