Madrid culture, arts, and history

The city of Madrid offers a wonderful blend of culture, arts, and history. Many people regard it as an unforgettable holiday location as there are so many attractions and things to do in the city. Each year millions of tourists come to this capital of Spain to enjoy all that the city has to offer, from its varied arts to its vibrant nightlife

Before you come to Madrid it is worthwhile planning out what you want to see as there is so much to do if you go about it haphazardly you will miss things that you wanted to visit. Madrid is a large city and its area extends to many villagers and suburbs on its outskirts.

Until the 1950s Madrid was not an economic city and it was more focused on culture, but under Francisco Franco industrialisation took place in the city and many immigrants came from all over Spain to work in Madrid. 25 years later the city had grown to be a centre for fashion and design for Europe.

Most of the people who come to Madrid come to the city for a short break, this is easy to do because the city has excellent transport links and is easily accessible from most places in Europe. Also, the excellent transport infrastructure in the town mean that travelling around at is a very easy process and visitors will be able to move from one attraction to another with ease. As a modern European city Madrid now boasts international standard hotels as well many fine restaurants and large shopping centres.

The city hosts what is known as the Golden Triangle of Art which includes three famous art galleries, the Reina Sofia Art Centre, the Prado Museum and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. Madrid also has many other famous heritage sites.