Key West, a million miles from Miami

An important destination for the tourist when visiting Florida in the USA is Key West, which has become one of the most popular resorts in recent times. Key West plays host to thousands of visitors each year.

Because of its popularity, Key West has become quite congested with tourists and getting around the area can be difficult. If possible a bicycle or motor scooter should be used and is recommended. Traveling by car can prove very frustrating.

Once the travel arrangements have been decided upon, there are many sights for the tourist to visit and enjoy. The Little White House is first on the visiting list. Harry S Trueman, a great Past President, built a house in the area. It is said that he was struck with the place after his first visit and set up a home there.

His Little White House has been fully rebuilt and is open for public viewing. The visitor can take a guided tour lasting an hour and a tour starts every quarter hour. There are many exhibits capturing Truman’s time spent at Key West and for the avid visitor, a handy gift shop offers many items of interest. The Little White House is open daily and entrance prices are very reasonable.

Another attraction is the home of Earnest Hemmingway. This famous writer’s house was built in the Spanish Colonials style in the early 1850’s. Hemmingway was a great cat lover and owned dozens of different breeds. Many of their descendants are seen around the house to this day.

There is also a tour available here, lasting about half an hour. Hemmingway’s study is a special feature and many artifacts can be seen. The entrance fee is reasonable and the house is open for viewing daily until 5.00 pm.

The Key West Aquarium also worthy of a visit and is the oldest tourist draw in Key West, The aquarium is popular with children as they are permitted to touch and handle many of the displays. . Many different species of sea life are on view.

Tours through the aquarium are free and well worth the time. Barracuda and turtles are plentiful and the visitor can watch sharks go into a feeding frenzy. The aquarium is open on a daily basis until 6.00 pm. and the entrance fee is relative to other attractions. The free tours take place four times throughout the day.