Kansas City

Kansas City was a very important geographical point for settlers and wagon trains in the 1800s, and became a route that helped define America as it is today. Though the city saw financial suffering during the long years of the Civil War, its economy was revived when the railroads were build and stockyards populated the city and the state by the thousands.

Kansas City became a melting pot of many different cultures, and in more modern times became a place where tourists and citizens can enjoy the fully revitalised downtown. It is now a vibrant city a huge population, with shopping districts as well as a rich bounty of cultural richness in both arts and sciences.

It also boasts a professional sports team which made the city well-known worldwide. The city is located in the mid-western part of US. If you’re a tourist and planning to travel there, you might want to check out its must-see destinations.

Occupying more than two hundred acres of land, the zoo is considered as one of the most complete as well as being the largest zoo in the US. It is so popular that it receives nearly 750,000 visitors per year. Due to its immense size, trams are used for transportation to take the visitors throughout the area.

Though it could also be travelled on foot, it would take half an hour or more to reach from one end of the zoo to another. The animals seen in zoo are gathered from around the world offering a wide variety of scenes. The zoo also offers a guided train tour for its visitors.

Westport is the oldest historical district in state, so if you’re planning to travel to Kansas City, MO, then it is highly recommended that you visit this wonderful place. The district has old red brick buildings that are used to be supply outposts, and other many preserved buildings and sites that tell the rich history of the place. Moreover, there are also entertainment and shopping establishments like boutiques, art galleries, cafes, eateries and nightclubs.