Joining the shiny happy people of Miami

There is something about Miami that makes visitors wonder if there is something in the water. Quite frankly, the city is an eclectic mix of the most upbeat people you will find anywhere combined with fashion that is both bright and bonkers and stretched of white sand that look like silk. Whether you go for a jog along the beach, go shopping on Lincoln or venture into one of the many fine restaurants, everyone you encounter will be in such a good mood you cannot fail to buy into it.

The latter in particular are clearly working their socks off, and don’t be surprised if you pop into Starbucks and the barista sings back your order to you. Fiercely competitive is a much over used term but it is particularly prevalent to the hospitality industry in Miami. There is so much choice for the visitor the mind boggles, and everyone needs to stand out to attract both first time and returning customers.

If you have never been to Miami then saying there is too many bars, restaurants and hotels to choose from will just be words, those who have been will be nodding their heads right now like wise old sages. The funny thing is that even with thousands to choose from, there is every likelihood that there will be one that you fall in love with and return to time after time during your stay, always depending on the fact that you can find it again of course.

If you have a preconceived idea of the American way and the ‘have a nice day’ mantra then you have to leave that at home. The good people of Miami will wish you a nice day, and a good day, and a good night for that matter, but it is said in such a genuine manner that you cannot fail to smile and return a greeting.