Join the dance this August in Swaziland with Sense Africa

One of the biggest cultural events that take place in the Kingdom of Swaziland is the Umhlanga Reed Dance, and they are currently preparing for one of the most important week in the Swazi calendar.

It is without a doubt one of the most spectacular celebrations of music and dancing anywhere is Africa, and visitors now have the chance to experience it themselves thanks to Sense Africa.

By taking an all inclusive safari in Swaziland this August, you will have the opportunity to join the dance. The first 5 days of the ceremony is strictly private, but the last 2 are open to the public so everyone can take part in the fun.

Over 40,000 girls travel from villages all over the tiny nation to congregate and perform in front of, and pay homage to the Swazi Queen Mother. The girls go through the time-honoured tradition of cutting tall reeds from surrounding bush land, and presenting them in bundles to the country’s royal matriarch, their purpose is to be used for repairing the reed shelter that surrounds the royal village.

Then, dressed in the traditional Swazi attire of vibrantly coloured sashes, skirts and jewelry the girls perform a compelling show of music and dance in front of the royal family, as well as a crowd of spectators, tourists and foreign dignitaries. The Reed Dance is a visual celebration of the girl’s camaraderie, solidarity and chastity.

Combining this extraordinary cultural event with some of Swaziland’s best wildlife safari experiences and wilderness adventures,Sense Africa has devised a 14 day itinerary including; Miliwane Wildlife Sanctuary, Hlane Royal National Park and Mkhaya Game Reserve,. The visit allows visitors unique up-close and personal encounters with wildlife, a sense of the real Africa, and an opportunity to be part of the Uhmlanga celebration.

The all-inclusive 14 day package from £4,150 per person is based on shared accommodation, including return flights from London Heathrow, all transfers, all accommodation, all food & drink including alcohol, tips, departure taxes and all activities featured in the Swaziland Reed Dance itinerary on

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