Johannesburg ticks all those holiday boxes

Johannesburg is a well-known city in South Africa and is the country’s economic and financial centre.

It is also the largest city in South Africa and serves as a crossroads between some of the most important tourist attractions in the country including Durban, Cape Town, and Kruger National Park. For this reason, Johannesburg gets a large amount of tourists who are just using it as a transit location.

The city has built on this strength and has a large amount of attractions that have been developed to keep tourists in the city. Today, there are a large number of tourist attractions in the city which make it a great modern destination for any holiday.

The city has an enormous amount to offer. It has some fantastic museums detailing the history of the country as well as enormous shopping centres and ultramodern skyscrapers. There are also several amusement parks in the city and fantastic restaurants and bars for visitors to enjoy.

One of the most notable attractions in the city are its stunning gardens. If you are visiting Johannesburg then you should definitely take some time to explore the city’s nature and the absolute beauty of some of these outstanding city gardens.

One of these best gardens to head to is a true marvel of nature. Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve is a very exciting experience for visitors and is home to around 150 different species of animal. The park is situated on nearly 700 acres and all of the animals are free to roam around the land. Some of the most notable animals in the park include Black Wilde bees, zebra, Springboks and red hartebeest.

In this nature reserve you will find eight different trails for walking and these are variable in that they are suited to people of different walking abilities. The park has some spectacular mountains which can provide more challenging hiking for those who seek it. It is also a fantastic location for taking a short safari tour and this can give you a fantastic idea of the wilderness that can be found in the corners of the city.

The Zoo Lake is considered as one of the best tourist attractions in the city. It can be found right in front of the city zoo and it is a mesmerising sight. The water is beautiful and is surrounded by dense and towering trees which make the location look like a paradise.

If you are looking for a great place to enjoy a picnic in the city then this would be the place to head to. The park has a captivating atmosphere and there are also numerous activities that visitors can take part in. There are also restaurants for those who don’t feel like making food for themselves.

Found on Rose Street is the Rose Park Symbol of Love, which is a great place for those seeking out some family entertainment. There is a stunning fountain which has a wonderful water display as well as places to do sports. The range of activities in the park make it an attractive place to go for both children and adults and it also comes with all the amenities you’d expect in a modern Park, such as play activities for children and a place to get snacks.

A final great location to head to is located just outside of the business district of the city. This is Bedford view and it is an area made of stunning and well cared for grassland. There are also streams running through the park which add to its extraordinary beauty. Many residents regard this as one of the most surreal places in the city and a perfect place to relax.