Jetsetters: Where to go next?

If you’re an experienced traveller, you might be running out of fresh ideas for where to go – but as more and more airlines put their booking online, and foreign exchange companies like CaxtonFX make it easier to get your hands on the right local currency, even the most remote parts of the world are becoming open to holidaymakers.

Here are just a few ideas of how you could head to parts of the world that might previously have been inaccessible to you – and give yourself the trip of a lifetime along the way.

Polar Regions

If you’re not much of a sunseeker, the poles provide an ethereal alternative with plenty of reasons to head to the extreme north or south of the globe.

To the north, parts of Northern Europe can get you into the Arctic Circle without having to travel to the North Pole itself and, with everything from Santa-themed tours to Aurora-Borealis-spotting trips, there’s a world of variety in this region alone.

Meanwhile, the extreme south of the planet is home to Antarctica, often reached by cruise ship rather than by plane, and where you can see penguins in their natural environment and, if you’re up to the challenge, swim in a glacier.

Either part of the world offers a memorable change from beach holidays or tropical travels, and would be bound to leave you with plenty of anecdotes for dinner parties in the future.

BRIC Countries

The BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China – have seen rapid economic growth in the past few years, and that makes them a good option if you’re looking for somewhere new to go on holiday.

Between them, they span huge geographical expanses in South America, Northern Europe and Asia, with a similarly large range of terrain and climate to choose from.

Visit the industrialised areas to see the scale of some of these countries’ cities, or head to the as-yet untouched regions and enjoy the wilderness while it remains.

And as well as taking in some sights you may never have witnessed before, you can also feel assured that you’re helping to contribute to the rapid pace of development in BRIC economies, as they catch up with the rest of the developed world.

Round the World

The true trip of a lifetime is, of course, to travel right round the world, and it’s getting ever easier to do just that.

Mobile web access – whether on a laptop, tablet or smartphone – and remote airline check-in systems mean you can claim your seat on your flight before you even reach the airport in some circumstances.

New, huge aircraft make long-haul flights comfortable and easy to find, and the web also means you can keep payment cards topped up with funds, while the bulk of your savings stay safe in your bank account back home.

Together, that means there’s much less risk of finding yourself short of money or stuck without a connecting flight – making it more realistic than ever to try and make it all the way round the globe, the next time you go travelling.