India holidays are extremes of experience

India is an absolutely vast country, and if you are coming here, you are going to find that the country is incredibly diverse, and has a huge amount to offer any visitor. In the north of the country you will find it is cold and mountainous, and this is a stark contrast to the south of the country, where the weather is tropical, and there are stunning coastlines with white sand beaches with crystal clear oceans.

When you head to India, you are going to have to decide what you want, unless you are coming for a very long time, because there is simply so much to see and do. Planning an itinerary in India is absolutely essential, because it will allow you to make the most of your time away.

India holidays are filled with opportunities for sightseeing, adventure, and exploration. Whatever you wish to do, you’re going to find it here. Many people might find themselves intimidated by a trip to India, as the country is not known for being an easy tourist destination to deal with. However, if you are willing to put up with some of the challenges, you will find yourself on your most rewarding holiday in a very long time.

Activity holidays are something that are very popular in India. Of course, if you’re coming to the north then a lot of this activity is going to revolve around hiking. The mountains in the north of the country are challenging to hikers, and it is best that you do have some level of physical fitness if you want to attempt an activity holiday in the north. That said however, there are tours that are suitable for people of a wide range of different abilities, so you’ll be sure to be able to find something to suit your needs.

Alternatively, if you are after something a bit more relaxing in the country, then you should head right to its other side, to the state of Kerela, where you will find the opportunity to do a famous houseboat tour. This is something that is one of the main draws in India, and it allows you to take a trip on a boat through the backwaters in this incredible state. You will be rewarded with an enjoyable experience that feels equal parts and adventure, and a relaxing tour.

One of the most incredible things about India is its overall culture. You will find yourself having an incredible times exploring the joys of the country at one moment, and then you will be struck by a stark contrast of everyday life in India

India is a country of extremes, and a holiday here is also probably going to have these extremes. You will find it a wonderfully enjoyable experience, but also something that will pull on the heartstrings. Whatever you are coming to India for, overall it is going to be a very positive experience, and certainly one that you are glad you took part in.