Honeymooning in the Romantic Greek Isles

When I envision my honeymoon I see an idyllic getaway with sand and sun, a place we can stroll hand in hand down sleepy lanes, where we gaze into each others’ eyes over dinner at a quaint restaurant. I’m now certain that the perfect reality of this hoped for paradise is a Greek Island holiday.

My must-see stop is the isle of Santorini. It is said that Santorini offers the best vantage points to view the most beautiful sunsets in all the world, and what better way to while away my time, wrapped in my lover’s arms, than in front of a magnificent sunset. The island is famous for its wines; we get to sample product directly from the actual makers themselves. Every Friday night at the Wine Museum they celebrate Greek Night with amazing food and dancing.

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and will give us a slightly different turn than the others, offering a trendier and more cosmopolitan atmosphere. There are many ruins and historical sites to visit, such as the Palace of Knossos, but as this is my honeymoon, I’m fairly certain that I’ll be in too playful a mood for museums. My answer for this is to visit the nude beaches of Crete. Filaki, the only official nude beach, is separated by natural rock formations from the clothed portion and is open all summer long. An unofficial nude beach, but the most popular on the island, is Red Beach. Here, we may have to suit back up, depending on the amount of clothing on everyone around us. On the days when we are feeling less uninhibited, we’ll happily visit Balos Beach, purported to be the most beautiful on Crete. The beach affords only a little shack serving drinks, but looks out over a pristine lagoon of emerald and turquoise waters. When we’re not relaxing on the warm sand, we can wade out in the shallow water to a small islet.

Our final romantic destination, and some distance from the other two, is the island of Corfu. Off the coast of Albania, Corfu is highly popular with UK travelers. Kerkyra, the Old City, is a maze of narrow allies, paved with cobblestones, for us to wend along in pursuit of shopping. The esplanade, which connects the Old City to the Venetian Citadel, is peppered with bistros and restaurants that will beckon us in with their wonderful Greek fare. There are a number of isolated beaches where we can escape. Barbati, for example, is known as the best beach on the eastern side of the island, however, it’s not overrun with hotels and buildings like many in the area, and is, instead, rather undeveloped. Along the great length of the beach, there is enough room for us to quietly enjoy each others’ company, basking in the sun and playing in the warm, clear water.

This article was written by Ross Fraser who is a travel blogger and writer specialising in European holidays.