Holidays to St Lucia: 5 Top Tips

Here are 5 tips to help you make the most out of your holiday in St Lucia.

1. Don’t just stay in the one place. Even if you love where you’re staying, make sure to visit other parts of the island. There are some very different sights, tastes and experiences to enjoy, so don’t miss out. Check out arrangements between hotels – some, like the Cap Maison perched at the edge of the sea in the northern tip of the island and the Ladera in the heart of the rainforest to the south, have special packages with a few days in one followed by the same in the other. Already committed to one hotel? Take any excursions on offer or hire a jeep or bicycle and explore. Tear yourself away from the admittedly gorgeous soft white beach and discover history in Pigeon Island & Castries, magnificent scenery like the towering Piton mountains and exotic plant and animal life, both inland and at sea. You really should take the chance to see the island from the different perspective of a boat tour. Try whale watching and turtle spotting, and see bats fishing.

2. Be prepared to trip over love’s young dream wherever you go. This is a beautiful, romantic place, ideal for weddings and honeymoons, and they go all out to cater for this niche market. Probably not so great for you to get over a break-up, but pretty good for rekindling a relationship! Don’t worry if you’re single, though. There’s plenty of lively social action in sea side places like Rodney Bay.

3. Be sure your stay includes a Friday. That’s when the picturesque fishing village of Anse la Rey has its regular ‘Fish Fry’, where vendor stalls offer fresh fish and seafood prepared in all sorts of ways and live music rhythms get everyone dancing as they sample the delicious dishes. It’s not just for tourists, either: you’ll be rubbing shoulders with plenty of locals. What better way to have fun and make friends than to jig about and eat together? Your hotel can probably arrange transport to this event. Don’t miss it!

4. Have a bath…or two. Mud and mineral. Go to “the world’s only drive-in volcano” (who can resist a line like that?) at Soufrière, and detox in iron-sulphate-rich mud baths at Sulphur Springs. You’ll look pretty mucky, covered in grey mud, but it will exfoliate and leave your skin soft as a baby when you wash it off. How hot can you take it? The ‘Black Pool’ is maybe 33 degrees Celsius! Then there’s the mineral baths at the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens. Have a 30-minute soak in one of the outside pools and think of Napoleon’s Josephine, reputed to have taken the waters here as a girl. The baths were built to ease away the aches and pains of Louis XVI’s French troops garrisoned on the island. (The gardens are gorgeous, the falls worth seeing: and the guided tour informative, if a bit reminiscent of being back in school.)

5. Be brave and do something daring. Try a canopy zip-line at Treetop Adventure Park: whizzing through the treetops and getting “a rush that would leave Tarzan breathless”. Cautious folk can take reassurance in double cables providing extra security and may want to do the shortest line (83 feet). If you’re more of a dare-devil, you’ll go for the longest at 800 feet. Be warned that the height is as much as 150 feet, and you’ll have to sign a waiver. Not advised if you’re pregnant, have a heart condition or are physically challenged. And/or you could go for another increasingly popular activity: kite boarding. Scudding over the sea, hanging on to a massive kite and making great leaps and somersaults as you become more proficient. Brilliant fun, though the same advice applies, of course. The less brave can still get a thrill just watching.

There you have it. Enjoy your stay!