Helsinki has much to offer its visitors

Helsinki is a surprisingly modern city that serves as the capital of Finland and is located along the shores of the Baltic Sea. The metropolis of Helsinki is made up of the city as well as its immediate neighbors; Espoo, Vanta, and Kaunianinen. I

One of the reasons that Helsinki stands out is due to the fact that its architectural influences are spread out throughout many different historical periods meaning that each building is different in its own unique fashion. Outside of this fact, there are many scenic nature scenes that sit behind the buildings adding intense beauty to the skyline.

Helsinki is truly a city where contemporary modern technology mixes with traditional values, and you can see this from the inside out as the bustling city centre sports some breathe-taking parks that are surrounded on the outskirts by bubbling restaurants and nightclubs.

Of course, if you need a moment of peace you can always venture out to one of the nearby forests and find plenty of nature paths to give you a temporary break. The city also has plenty of attractions that can keep visitors busy for days on end as well. For instance, the Atenuem Art Musuem is a great place to see Finnish art and nearby is the Cathedral which is easily one of the most notable monuments in the city.

Depending on when you arrive in the city the Cathedral may even be hosting an exhibition or a concert. Finally, for those who want to relax the next stop should be the Esplanade where you will find a promenade and a great taste of the local hang-outs. From the pubs to the cultural events that take place year round such as concerts and the annual fashion show, there is always something fun to discover down at the harbour.