Heineken Dropped, A drop of Heineken

If you take an innovative social experiment and turn the results into a series of hugely enjoyable videos, you have touched on the Heineken Dropped campaign. For those who haven’t yet discovered this for themselves, here is a brief synopsis.

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Heineken, the massive international brewery wanted to see how ordinary men coped with life when they were removed from what they do day in day out and literally dropped into the deep end to cope with challenges in situations they would never have dreamed they would find themselves in. The challenges are vast and varied, the situations vast and varied, and the intrepid adventurers who signed up for this once in a life experience are from all walks of life.

For the purpose of this article we are looking at the Flying Freakshow, a two parter starring South African Clint Jacobs with a supporting cast of several clowns and a plane. Clint is a cheerful, happy go lucky kind of guy who is taken from South Africa and blindfolded before being put into the back of a jeep, with the said clowns, and driven to who knows where. He is put on a plane and when his blindfold is finally removed he meets the clowns and realises the only way he is going to get out of the plane is strapped to a clown and skydiving to the ground.

His challenge awaits him at the bottom, but before this is revealed you cannot help but smile at the sheer adrenaline rush Clint has got from the sky dive, proclaiming it to be the best thing ever. The second part of the video reveals the full extent of his challenge as it unfolds, and it runs straight after part 1 on the Heineken YouTube channel. Watch the videos in this series and see if you would do anything different