Hawaii scores more than 5-0

Hawaii is a place that is made up of many islands and there are four main ones which people visit as well as a few smaller ones that are less popular. The four main islands are Oahu, Kauai, Maui and Hawaii itself.

Almost everyone coming to Hawaii will visit Oahu as most international flights come through the city of Honolulu which is located on this island. Two other islands which people like to visit in the area are Molokai and Lanai which are both smaller than the four main islands. This article has been is focused on the big island of Hawaii itself and the many activities that you can do while on holiday here.

Hawaii is an amazingly diverse island and there is enormous amount to do on it. All over the island is tropical jungle which has flowers and foliage most people who’ve never been to Hawaii will never have seen before. Flowers are a big business on the island and there are several types grown specifically for export. One of the things people most associate with Hawaii is the traditional flower greeting were strings of flowers and hung around the necks of people visiting the island.

Geologically, Hawaii is an island that has been created by a volcano and there are many active volcanoes. If you visit the area of Kilauea you will be able to see lava that has recently been ejected from the volcano.

This volcano can be found in the Hawaiian Islands National Park which is an enormous, centrally located, nature reserve which can be reached from both sides of the island. There is a road leading to deep inside the nature reserve but it ends suddenly because lava flowed over it a long time ago and has not been reconstructed.

One of the greatest attractions of visiting this national park is being able to see a flow of lava hitting the ocean. When the lava flows down the side of the island it meets the coast were at explodes in a fiery eruption of vapour and steam and visitors will be up to smell the sulphur given off by the hot lava.

Most of the resorts that are located in Hawaii are found in the Kona region, which is on the side of the island which receives the less rainfall. The best diving and snorkelling opportunities on the island are in this region but many of the native people have left and are now occupying Hilo which is on the other side of the island.

When you are visiting Hawaii you mustn’t miss taking a trip to the Mauna Kea Observatory. This is an observatory that was constructed on a volcano because it reached up to such a height where an observatory could be installed without the chance of being affected by cloud cover.

There are many private operators who will take you up to the observatories but it is no quick drive up a mountain. The observatories are located at 14,000 feet and this means the fan will stop at 9000 feet so you can get acclimatised to the altitude. When you reach the top of the mountain you will find the air is very thin and you will feel weak but the view from the top is absolutely astonishing and will be the highlight of your trip to Hawaii.