Halifax Novia Scotia is as scenic as it is unique

Halifax in Nova Scotia would definitely be regarded as one of the most scenic and unique cities in the whole world. Halifax is probably most historically famous for being the location of a port that was essential for victory in World War II.

There are many evening attractions in this city including a great deal of nightlife and live music. Over the years many famous Canadian musicians have come to Halifax to perform and the city is known for hosting many famous artists throughout the years. They are known for performing in the cities restaurants, lounges and pubs.

If you are interested in military bands, then you should come to Halifax during the International Tattoo. This is an event which sees a great deal of military bands come to perform for a ten-day festival. This event begins at the start of July and is something that is sure to entertain visitors, but is equally popular with local people.

You would also do well to visit the Maritime Museum in the city which has some incredible relics. Some of the greatest features include items that have been recovered from the Titanic and also various items from the Halifax Explosion, which was the greatest explosion before Hiroshima at the end of the war. There are also many other naval artefacts here which are just as interesting.

As for facilities there are many options for accommodation in the city, from the affordable, to the opulent. There are several five-star hotels in the city which will cater to any need, but there are also many Bed & Breakfasts which are a much more affordable option popular with budget travellers. There are also excellent restaurants in the city and it is thought that some of the best seafood in Canada is available in this part of the country.