Guernsey more about sun than taxes

When most people think of Guernsey they fail to see beyond its reputation as a tax haven, something for which receives quite a bit of criticism in the media. Guernsey is a very small island and is only 9 miles long and its entire area is only around 26 mi.². Many people might have it in their heads that Guernsey is a boring place to visit but this is very far from the truth.

For one, Guernsey enjoys the most sun of anywhere in the British Isles and its beaches are some of the best in the country. Fishing is also common in Guernsey and this means there are many excellent seafood restaurants on the island. Many of its shores are lined with spectacular cliffs and these offer stunning views over the ocean to neighbouring islands.

The French have certainly left a legacy in on the island and many of the streets still bear their French names. In the summer, alfresco dining is popular and the streets will seem more as if they belonged in Paris than the British Isles. In World War II the Germans occupied Guernsey for five years and they left their influence through a series of bunkers.

Visitors to Guernsey will find that it has a much more relaxed pace of life than other places in Britain and it is a perfect  location to come and unwind. Its fantastic beaches, wonderful scenery, culture, history and exceptional restaurants make it a place that many visitors find themselves returning to. Guernsey really has something for all tastes and will cater to whatever you want from a holiday.