Guaranteed summer awaits in the Middle East

With the summer in Northern Europe showing little sign of improvement, some stay-home holidaymakers may be turning an envious eye to the Middle East whose summer is always hot and idyllic at this time of year. As always, there are many packages and deals to choose from to get true value for money.

Oman is a popular choice for many; bordering the Yemen, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia this tiny country boasts geography unlike that usually associated with the Middle East. With arid desert inland the northern coastline contains a greener, more mountainous region.

In the north, the city of Muscat, the capital is an attractive location for visitors. An important trade city for nearly two thousand years, the city is home to well over one million locals. The average temperature in October is close to 34 degrees and this makes the nearby beaches a popular place for tourists where they can just cool off or experience the thrill of snorkeling among the many coral reefs in the area.

Because of the more temperate climate and variable geography, Oman also boasts a variety of animal and bird life. An annual journey by thousands of turtles to the islands of Masirah and Ras al Hadd to lay eggs are a highlight, as are the visits by dolphins and even orca and humpback whales.

A number of UNESCO classified world heritage sites are located in Oman. They include the ancient tombs of Adh-Dhahira and Bat and the Bahla Fort in the Djebel Akhdar are not to be missed. The frankincense route in the Dhofar region is another highlight and adds to Oman’s variety including modern facilities, varied landscapes and the many historical and cultural attractions on offer.