Great winter breaks to be had thanks to Belgium hotel bargains

Everyone loves a bit of magic, it makes a great film plot line and when added to a holiday it adds that extra layer of excitement. Thanks to two tip hotels in Brussels; the Marriott and the Renaissance you can now take this to a whole new level thanks to their Ice Magic package. These have competitive prices, an abundance of perks and some of the best locations in the city, making this a promotion that will have everybody believing in magic.

To be honest, whichever Brussels hotel you choose to stay in you will be met with an enticing mix of luxury and history. The guest rooms here are cool yet contemporary, and amenities include fully equipped fitness centres and high speed internet connections to appeal to modern visitors. The restaurants are a sheer delight as both locals and visitors feast on the best local ingredients used to create cosmopolitan dishes, and on your doorstep you will find the best shops, cafés and museums in Brussels.

Those who decide to book an Ice Magic package will have access to all of this, and much more besides. As well as staying in some of the best hotel rooms you will find, visitors can enjoy a complimentary breakfast and be welcomed on arrival with a delicious glass of Glühwein, a beloved European beverage of mulled red wine and spices.

The promotion extends way beyond a warm welcome however as Ice Magic is being hailed as one of the most exciting ever hotel packages. Every guest receives a book of vouchers that lets them experience the very best of the winter time attractions in Brussels.

These include The Bruges Snow and the amazing Ice Sculpture Festival which has a theme every year and this winter it is Ice Magic. The time has never been better than to book a post Christmas break and escape the grim weather for somewhere altogether more magical.