For adventures in Malaysia head to Sabah

If you are looking for a great destination for some adventure in Malaysia then you should consider heading to Sabah. This area can be found on Borneo Island, which is the world’s third-largest island. Sabah is located right in the North and it is an area that has attracted people interested in wildlife for a very long time.

It has a wide range of rainforest, as well as many other areas of outstanding natural beauty. For those who enjoy the beach, there are stunning strips of white sand with beautiful, clear, tropical waters. As well as being a fantastic destination for its nature, the people in Borneo are warm and friendly and will make any trip delightful.

For those visiting Borneo it would be amiss of them not to go to Mt Kinabalu, which stretches up to over 4000 metres. The summit of this mountain is the highest point in Southeast Asia and it is regarded as sacred by the local people. People come from all over the world to trek to its peak, and the view from the top is absolutely outstanding. Around the base of the mountain there is also a fascinating botanical paradise which has numerous rare plants including orchids, pitcher plants and even the rafflesia, which is the world’s largest flower.

If you are looking to come into contact with some of Malaysia’s most beautiful animals then you should go to the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre. This is located in the middle of a beautiful rainforest and spans over 40 square kilometres. This centre is dedicated to helping orang utans who’ve been captured return to their natural environment.

Those animals that have been orphaned are also taught the basic skills they need to survive, such as how to climb. One of the best times to visit would be when the animals are feeding, as seeing them enjoy their daily meal of bananas and milk is a wonderful experience.

Borneo is known for attracting nature lovers, and Danum Valley Rainforest is an area that shouldn’t be missed. This area is far away from civilisation and because of this it is in its most natural state.

One of the few constructions in this area is the Borneo Rainforest Lodge. This is a wonderful resort that has been made from entirely traditional materials including timber. It has the comforts of a great hotel and is in a setting quite like any other. From this resort you will be able to see some of Borneo’s most amazing creatures including monkeys, elephants, rhinos and nearly 300 different species of bird.

If you are tired of all the sightseeing then taking a day’s break to visit Tunku Abdul Rahman Island Park by boat can be a great option. There is a 30 minute boat ride that takes you out of the islands and they are a place that are known for being a sanctuary away from the busyness elsewhere in Malaysia.

You will find white sand beaches that are perfect for relaxing on and getting a bit of a tan. For those who enjoy snorkelling, the crystal clear water couldn’t be better. Sunshine here is almost constant and it is a wonderful place to have a barbecue under the sun.

For those who prefer a bit more adrenaline in their activities, they should consider white-water rafting. Some of the best thrills in the world can be found in this part of Malaysia and rafting down the Padas River is thrilling. The rafting goes on for about five kilometres over a grade 3 River and is an experience you will find really gets the heart racing.