Florence is a must see when in Italy

If you are coming on holiday to Italy, then you cannot miss out Florence. Florence is a city with a great deal of history and has a significant amount of culture associated with it. There are a wide range of museums and art galleries in the city, but even if you don’t fancy exploring these, then you can enjoy some of the city’s spectacular architecture.

If you have been busy exploring the centre of the city, then you could take a rest in the central square. Here you will find numerous cafes with plenty of outdoor seating space where you can enjoy a coffee or some ice cream. There are also plenty of bars here if you fancy an alcoholic beverage.

In the summer months there are many enjoyable activities to take part in holidays to Florence and one of the most popular is to enjoy a carriage ride through the centre of the city. This is something that is particularly popular in the evenings and can be delightful end to a summer’s evening.

One of the most popular museums in Florence is the Uffizi. Here you will find around 2000 pieces of art which includes many paintings and sculptures. This gallery is regarded as having the greatest collection of Renaissance paintings anywhere in the world and is also well-known for its many artefacts and tapestries. Some of the most famous names associated with this museum include Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Dante and Rubens.

The Cathedral in the city is very easy to spot as it has an enormous terracotta dome. This Cathedral is called the Duomo and it is one of the city’s most distinctive sights. If you have the energy try climbing to the top of the cathedral, which is up nearly 500 steps.