Exploring the Greek Island of Rhodes

Rhodes is a tourist destination which receives thousands of visitors every year because it is known as being a fantastic tourist destination. One of the best places to visit in Rhodes is the village of Archangelos which is a particularly good place to see in the warm summer months.

The village has a very traditional feel and you will see local residents creating bread in ovens that are heating by burning wood. Interestingly, residents of the village still get married in the traditional location, the squares of the homes.

There are other traditional crafts that are practised in the area including the making of carpets and various types of pottery. Leather boots are something that have been worn by locals throughout history, and wearing them today is still part of the tradition.

One of the best sites to see in the village is the 19th-century bell tower where you will find stunning paintings from the 14th century. These paintings are sure to appeal to tourists from all over the world and the beauty of these paintings matches well with the beauty of the village as a whole.

There are a large number of traditional houses built in the village and they give the streets a very picturesque feel. All of the houses are painted with vibrant colours which is certainly a unique site.

The Castle of St John is also located near to the village, and only requires a 20 minute walk up the hill to reach. This castle was established by the Knights and is well worth visiting while you are in the village of Archangelos.

Archangelos is a village with a great deal to do and see, and visitors will have no problem finding some great accommodation. There will be something to suit everyone, whether you are travelling alone, or with family or friends.