Exploring Eastern Europe on a Baltic tour

Baltic tours are a great way to visit some very interesting and unique countries in the eastern quarter of Europe. One place in particular that a Baltic tour will take you is over to Lithuania where you will find the city of Klaipeda. This city is very interesting to tour as it used to be considered a part of Germany and therefore has a very rich history that is culturally diverse.

The Old Town area of Klaipeda in particular is very interesting to see as it is full of narrow, cobbled streets, and some great sights like the Aennchen von Tharau Fountain and the Theatre Square. Also worth nothing is the Samogitia National Park which is a grand highlight of a trip to this area of Lithuania.

Here you will find some great walking trails, wonderful cycling trails, and a nice mix of flora and overall beautiful scenery to keep you busy while taking part in either. The centerpiece of the park is Lake Plateliai which is great for those who enjoy watersports like diving or fishing.

Another great city that is part of the Baltic Tours is the city of Riga that is found in the country of Latvia. As the capital city of the country, the historical centre of the city dates far back into time and is now considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here you will find many different attractions such as the Freedom Monument, the Swedish Gates, Riga Castle, and St. Peter’s Church. You also will also find some great examples of architecture such as parks, museums, art galleries, and gardens. In addition, you will want to make sure to stop by Jumala which is a resort town where you will find some great white sandy beaches that it is easy to spend hours at.