Exploring Brussels

Brussels is certainly one of the most incredible cities in Europe and it has a huge amount to offer tourists who come to it. Europe is a continent that is well known for art in Brussels is no exception.

You will find that the Belgian capital has a great deal to offer people have come to see art including its incredible Museum of Modern Art. In this incredible building you will find eight floors packed with art by some of the world’s most notable modern artists including Andy Warhol.

For one day in Brussels you should make sure that you visit the Place de Grand Salon. This building is an incredible attraction and you will also find that there are many antique stores in this part of the city which are well worth visiting. If you’re planning on doing some other shopping, this district also has a great range of high-end designer stores including Emporio Armani.

If you are in Belgian, Brussels can be a fantastic city to base yourself if you want to explore some nearby cities. Belgium is a small country and you will find it easy to visit nearby towns including Brugge and Antwerp.

Additionally, if you fancy taking a quick trip to France while you are in Belgian, this is not going to be very difficult as it is just across the border. There is plenty to do in Belgium, so don’t worry about planning a trip so much, you’ll simply come to the city and be overwhelmed by the amount there is to do.