Explore more with Solo Travellers’ new destination additions

The idea of exploring the world alone might be intimidating to some, but research shows that travelling solo is fast becoming a go-to for thousands of people wanting to see the world. Travel experts, Solo Travellers LTD, who specialise in holidays for those wanting to get away with other solo travellers but would rather explore the world in a safety of a group, are gearing up for another busy 12 months having recently added Albania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia and Peru to their already impressive portfolio.

It’s been well-documented that single travellers are on the rise. Once seen as a social faux pas, the demands of modern life mean there are now more single people than ever before. Founded in 2011, Solo Travellers are experts with over 20 years’ experience working in the travel industry. Catering specifically for those wishing to see the world  – but with the added safety of being in a group – Solo Travellers organises a plethora of getaways for a mix of age groups ranging from people in their 30’s , 40’s and some in their 50’s who come from all kinds of professional backgrounds.

Nena Nijjer, Founder said: “With people leading busier lifestyles than ever before, organising travel with family and friends is becoming extremely difficult. Group tours with Solo Travellers Ltd are the perfect solution for those wanting to see the world, but who may not have anyone to travel with.”

Research carried out last year highlights that more than a third of Britons holiday alone, with 58.3% of those being female. That figure rises for more active and exotic trips such as walking holidays (64%) and African safaris (60%). Men on the other hand are more likely to take cycling and sailing trips. One of the many benefits of using Solo Travellers is that all their travellers are solo and therefore like-minded and in the same boat, making it easier to make new friends and extending friendship circles. Holidaymakers can simply book their next adventure and know that everything is taken care of, while still having the time and freedom to explore as they wish. And with the industry going from strength to strength, Solo Travellers are constantly expanding their offering.

“When we started, we were mostly offering European trips as we found that first-timers preferred a shorter trip to ease themselves into the new experience. Now, we offer travel to all four corners of the world, and are constantly adding new destinations to meet the demand of our customers,” continues [Nena].

Offering popular European destinations such as Iceland, Romania, Croatia and Tromso for the Northern Lights for effortless breaks away, as well as alluring locations such as Cuba, China and Burma, Solo Travellers has a destination for anyone who wants to get away from it all with like-minded company.

To find out more about Solo Travellers and the incredible destinations offered, visit their website: www.solo-travellers.com and if you need extra inspiration check out their Facebook page for photos of past trips