Experiencing the Asian delights of Singapore

The hardest part of planning a holiday for many people is actually choosing where to go as thanks to the huge leap forward in aviation, this world of ours is now a much smaller and altogether more accessible place. Far flung destinations that were once only seen in films are now holiday hot spots, and while some are lucky enough to enjoy breathtaking sights, others have been developed beautifully by incredibly talented humans.

Then you have places such as Singapore, which is a combination of both. It is, without a doubt, a superb holiday destination and there are numerous reasons why this small but perfectly formed country should be right up there when you are putting together your list of possible destinations. Here are just a few of these and once you find out what it has to offer it will be difficult to look elsewhere.

The first thing that deserves a mention is the fantastic cuisine that Singapore offers its visitors. You simply cannot say no to the mouth watering dishes on offer, and try as you might you will not be able to resist. The top class restaurants have taken the finest dishes from around the world and added their own unique touch, thus creating sumptuous dining feasts such as meesiam, laska, mee rebus, char kuay tiau and many more.

The city is full of top class, luxurious hotels and you will easily be able to find one to accommodate your budget. Right through from one to five stars, Singapore offers the best hospitality that you will find anywhere and even at the bottom end of the scale you will be amazed at the service you get for your money. All well located to see the best of what is on offer; Singapore truly is a travellers delight.