Experience the festival tours of India

India is a country of festivals. Anywhere you go in India, you get treated to a festive of colour that portrays an aspect of the unique culture of the place. Festivals play a major part in the bustling and burgeoning tourist industry in the country.

Festivals in India are held not only for attracting tourists however as most are held for their religious significance. Others are held to celebrate some important events like harvests, or to give honour to a historical figure. All festivals in India involve some form of rituals. There are rituals for almost anything: blessings, new clothes and dances, well wishes, whitewashing a house, prayers and many others.

Indian festivals are remarkable for the enthusiasm and energy people display before and during the day of the festivals. The passion among the people is evident weeks before the actual day of the celebrations. Of course, when the day arrives, it is easy to get carried away by the frenzy that infects everybody in the village or town.

There are festivals that are common to all parts to India. National festivals, they are called. One example is Navrati, but while this is celebrated in a subdued manner in most places, in Bengal the celebrations are simply explosive. The Holi festival is celebrated in Northern India in a much more enthusiastic manner than in other Indian territories.

There are festivals that are regional in scope. Pongal is celebrated with gusto in Tamil Nadu, and Onam which is a religious festival characterized by devotees fiercely jostling against one another is celebrated in Kerala.

These are just a few examples of the festivals in India and there are hundreds of others. People from all over the country and the world come to experience and learn from them, making them India’s most vital tourist attraction.